Couch to 5K - Southern

Couch to 5K - Southern

Take the Challenge to get into shape and successfully run a 5K by the end of the 9 weeks.  Marcia McCarty will lead and provide lots of great advice to help you achieve your goal.

Alternating between walking and running, time and distance will gradually be increased each week allowing your body and mind to adapt to running.

Participants will aim to prepare to run the 5k at Cousler Park on May 15th.  Running in the 5K is not a requirement of the class but for those who may be interested.  Registration and payment for the 5k event is the responsibility of each participant.

Run Challenge

The W. Dale Brougher Foundation YMCA
3/17/21 - 5/12/21

Registration Information  

Open Close Register At MemberNon-Member
3/5/21 3/29/21 Online / Front Desk $ 0.00$ 20.00

Available Sessions

03/17/21 - 05/12/21
We - 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm