January Mission of the Month: Membership for All

Everyone should be able to live a healthy life, which is why we’re removing as many roadblocks as possible to being a part of the Y family.

Thanks to our amazing members and generous supporters, we have the following ways for anyone to reach their health and wellness goals.

Financial Aid

We offer financial aid for our membership and program packages so that all households can afford them! Go to https://www.yorkcoymca.org/fa to learn more!

Virtual Y

Our YouTube channel has hundreds of FREE workout videos, with more coming all the time! We’re starting a new cutting-edge virtual platform in 2021 that will let people access YMCA wellness services from anywhere! Go to https://www.youtube.com/YorkCountyYMCA to watch a video today!

RESET Challenge

 People in our community were there for us when we needed them the most. Now, we’re there for them by offering a FREE 6-week wellness challenge to give anyone, YMCA member or otherwise, what they need to RESET after 2020. Go to https://yorkcoymca.org/reset2021 to learn more

The Y Mission in Action: Meet Mike

Mike’s stressful job didn’t give him the time to make it to the gym and he was using medical marijuana to cope with his chronic pain and stress. Because of Membership for All, Mike got financial aid for a Y membership after he was laid off from his job due to COVID-19.

You and everyone at the YMCA was watching out for Mike, cheering on his wins and encouraging him during the tough times. After a few weeks of feeling better, Mike quit using medical marijuana after 23 years. 

Today, when Mike’s feeling down, he just comes to the Y to see his friends and workout. There’s always someone at the YMCA ready to help Mike with whatever he needs.

Please watch the below video to hear Mike share his story himself or go to www.yorkcoymca.org/Mike to read more.