Mask Policy – 11/18/2020


To comply with the legal orders from the Secretary of Health issued on November 18, 2020, all YMCA members and guests must wear masks when inside YMCA facilities, including when engaging in physical activity indoors.

Even if maintaining proper social distancing, members will not be allowed to remove masks when working out. This includes, but is not limited to, using any exercise equipment, such as weights or cardio machines, participating in group exercise classes, such as cycling class and yoga, and playing sports in the gymnasium, such as basketball and pickleball.

However, masks may be removed when swimming.

If unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, a face shield must be worn.

It is still possible to have a great workout while wearing a mask. There are several mask, covering, and face shield options available specifically designed for high-intensity exercise. Follow the links below for affordable options on Amazon.

Zensah Technical Face Mask –

Into the AM Neck Gaiter –

OMK Reusable Face Shields –

We understand that this order may result in challenges when working out so, when working out with a mask, please practice the following:
• Monitor your intensity level and modify accordingly
• Monitor your physical response. If you experience any of the following symptoms, take a break from whatever activity you’re doing.
     o Shortness of Breath
     o Redness in face
     o Heart Fluttering
     o Excessive perspiration
     o Lack of perspiration
     o Dizziness or light headed
• Hydrate Adequately

We understand the inconvenience and potential discomfort this order may cause, but believe that it is important for us to stand united to combat COVID-19 and protect the health of everyone in our community.